1. Behavioral Operations
  2. Capacity Planning and Control
  3. E-business and Operations
  4. Empirical Modelling and Simulation
  5. Empirical Research in Operations Management
  6. Global Operations and Strategic Sourcing
  7. Healthcare Operations Management
  8. Humanitarian Operations and Crisis
  9. Innovation, Product and Service Development
  10. Information Systems in Operations
  11. Inventory Management
  12. Lean and Agile Operations
  13. Logistics Management and Physical Distribution
  14. Managing Change in Operations
  15. Managing Inter-Firm Relationships in Supply Chains
  16. Managing the Operations Interface within Organisations
  17. Mass Customization
  18. Negotiations and conflicts in decentralized supply networks
  19. Next generation operations
  20. Operations Innovation
  21. Operations Management in Regional Economies
  22. Operations in the Public Sector
  23. Operations Planning, Scheduling and Control
  24. Operations Risk Management and Resilience
  25. Operations Strategy
  26. Performance Measurement and Management
  27. Plant Location, Design and Layout
  28. Project Management
  29. Purchasing and Procurement
  30. Reliability and Maintenance
  31. Retail Operations
  32. Revenue Management in Operations
  33. Sales & Operation Planning
  34. Service Operations Management
  35. Servitization
  36. Supply Chain Management
  37. Supply Network Design
  38. Sustainability in Operations and Logistics (including CSR)
  39. Teaching and Learning in Operations Management (incl. Cases, Games and Simulations)
  40. Technology Management in Operations
  41. Total Quality Management, Kaizen and Six Sigma